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Knowledge is power: But only as powerful as the mind which grasps it, the heart which believes in it, and the hands which wield it.

Welcome to our new silver art, jewelry and fashion center, which has been designed to explore the more elegant side of silver. Although gold and diamonds are invariably preffered forms of earth to adorne one's body with, silver has long been associated with simplicity, elegance, and pristine beauty, representing the softer and spiritual side of life. Browse elegant silver jewelry, view awe-inspiring silvery art, read silver-rich poetry, and explore both modern and ancient fashion.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry, Personal Selections

18 Inch Sterling Silver Cross Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

The Silver cross has a long standing tradition in wearable jewelry and spiritual traditions world wide.

Although variations of the cross have been adopted by many religions and cultures across the globe, the universal symbolism behind the idea of the cross is simple: Two apposing forces juxtaposed, whereby a center is formed creating a single point of concentrated energy in a state of equilibrium.

Our featured silver cross necklace , by Paris Hilton, was chosen for its elegant simplicity. The sterling silver necklace is designed with seven sterling silver crosses with swarovski crystals. The sterling silver chain is 18 inches long, with a sterling silver lobster clasp fastener.


Sterling Silver Pretzel Heart with 16" Nylon Necklace

Silver Heart Flow - Flow Forms:  Two  spiralsThe Silver Heart is another peice of jewelry with wide appeal. The silver heart represents a pure and unadulterated love; two becoming one in the deepest spiritual union.

The contrast of silver and black used together is stunning. Much of the symbolic meaning of silver is woven from the very romantic imagery of the silvery sheen cast by a glowing moon reflecting the sun's light during the night. The darkness of the deepest night is black and all-absorbing; silver is all-reflecting. Necklaces or chains of onyx and hematite also complement silver jewelry perfectly.

The heart is widely known to be a symbol of love. The meaning associated with the heart has its origins in the universal geometric symbolism expressed by the heart shape itself.

The heart shape is composed of two intersecting spirals which is a partial geometric abstraction of natural flow forms, as observed by researchers such as Viktor Schauberger. The double spirals become readily observable by studying the natural dynamics of the forms associated of motion ( flow forms ); whether the flow is water, air, or perhaps even blood pumping through a heart valve!

In nature, wherever the two flow forms of the half spiral become one, a natural vortex of energy is created; in essence, a self-contained implosion system is created. Thus, the idea of two becoming one is deeply embedded in the cultural symbolism of heart shape.

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