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The documents which follow explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.

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Skin Cancer - What if Allopathic Medical Treatment Fails?
Alternative Research Experiment Therapies for the Treatment of Skin Cancer

Background: Why Do People Get Involved with Alternative Therapies?

Making life-changing decisions is never an easy task. While in a perfect world, every individual should be able to rely on expert and qualified advice from those whom we train and pay for expert services, it is far from a perfect world. The burden and responsibility for choices lies soley on the individual, and not another.

Some individuals choose to persue alternative therapies to uncover and develop knowledge, wisdom and truth. Humanity truly owes these individuals and the pioneers of real science a debt of honor and gratitude. They have daringly explored the unknown out of a love for humanity, knowledge, and life. They have dedicated hours, months, years, and even lifetimes saving this information and making it available to those whom need it most.

However, for the majority of humanity, the primary reason for choosing an alternative therapy: The realization that one cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Usually, one begins to seek a new solution when all previous solutions have failed. In this case, sooner is better than later! However, the realization that standard treatments have failed often comes later, at a point of desperation.

This brings us to the third motivating factor: Greed. Some people go into alternative and natural medicine to profit off of the fear and desperation of those grasping to any thread of hope. The greed and profit motive is not always financial gain. Sometimes, it is ego related, granting the individuals involved a sense of personal power and achievement...

...which brings us to skin cancer and alternative therapies.

Cause of Cancer

Many researchers zealously persue pet theories regarding causes for cancer. However, as Dr. Robert O. Becker has wisely stated in "The Body Electric", there are likely as many causes for cancer as there are cancers. Chasing causes for cancer is not the wisest priority, as it wastes valueable time. Focusing on well-being is a far more prudent choice. In other words, ingesting a supplement because it will cure cancer is not wise, while consuming a supplement that has proven benefits in the body is.

Skin Cancer

Why utilize alternative therapies rather than standard surgical practices?

Some people believe that any surgical procedure with cancer increases the risk of spreading cancer to other parts of the body. When skin cancer is diagnosed, treated, and tracked via allopathic medicine, there is a marked increase in the risk of being diagnosed with other forms of cancer within 5 years.

When skin cancer has previously been treated surgically, and continues to recur, some people choose to stop doing the same thing expecting different results, and begin to research natural and alternative medicine.

When surgical treatment fails, and radiation therapy fails, and individuals are thus diagnosed with either terminal cancer or amputation is recommended, some individuals elect to seek out a less drastic solution.

Colloidal Silver, Healing Clay, and Cansema

Can Colloidal Silver be Used Internally to Treat Skin Cancer?

There is no evidence to suggest that drinking colloidal silver will reach the area of the skin cancer growth. Some researchers believe that some types of cancer have a pathogen-based cause. Like anything else with isolated silver use, if silver ions come in contact with pathogens in the body, internal use of silver will have a significant impact on all related conditions.

Can Colloidal Silver be Used Externally to Treat Skin Cancer?

Colloidal silver, from our experience and research, is not effective when used topically with skin cancer. There is however, further research that shows promise with Silver Iontophoresis. However, we don't recommend experimentation by individuals without a very clear understanding of the effects of current on cancer cells.

What about Healing Clays and Skin Cancer?

Our own research over the years has suggested that proper external use of healing clay always impacts active cancerous growths. Skin cancer is no exception, although in some cases the single result is reduction in size of the cancer and an evident cessation of pain, irritation, and growth. Three weeks of external daily external clay packs is an excellent and safe research experiment.

For more information visit: Eytons' Earth Green Healing Clay | Bentonite | Illite | Montmorillonite

What about Cansema and "Black Salve"?

In the research study that follows, Cansema was utilized as an effective treatment for skin cancer. In some situations, like the one that follows, the treatment with Cansema is quite an ordeal. In other cases, it is painless and results in no scarring. This is dependent upon the type of cancer and how deep the cancer penetrates. When in doubt, always seek the guidance of a competent alternative MD with experience.




Cansema-like Black Paste - "Escharotic Black Salve" Formula

Here is a formula that is very similiar to Cansema. While it is not as good as the "original", it is still equally effective. Please, use at your own risk, and very carefully. Review all the material at altcancer.com before attempting to use any black salve formula. Also, please note that as of August 2009, Cansema is back on the market. We recommend purchasing the original from the source: www.altcancer.com.

1/2 cup powdered Blood Root (Sanguinaria Canadensis)
1/2 cup Zinc Chloride, crystals or liquid
1/2 cup common white flour
1 1/2 cup warm water
100ml Chaparral extract or 100gm of powdered Chaparral (Larrea mexicana)

Pre-mix all but the water.

Use a stainless steel double boiler. Add water to the boiler then stir in the other ingredients.

Stir well using a wooden or ceramic spoon.

Cook for thirty minutes with boiling water, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, allow to cool, and store in a air-tight container.

Additionally, a black salve may be purchased:


The Skin Cancer Study: WARNING - Contains Graphic Images

Page 1: Initial treatment of skin cancer with healing clay and the application of Cansema.

Healing clay poultices show a marked effect on the skin cancer. Cansema treatment is applied.

Page 2: After the Cansema is removed, colloidal silver and healing clay are used.

The Nectrotizing tissue is cared for with sterile bandages, silver, and healing clay.

Page 3: The eschar is removed, the cancer destroyed.

Acidosis is treated with Hrx ( a special Potassium Hydroxide ).

Page 4: Tissue Healing Begins.

Page 5: Accelerated Tissue Healing.

Page 6: The Wound Nearly Healed.

Page 7: The Wound Healed Over.

Page 8: Nine Months Later: New skin growths halted by the use of silver healing clay.

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