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Pennsylvania-based Company Patents AIDS Treatment Method: U.S. Patent, No. 6,066,489

Arrow International, Inc: Reduction in Viral Loads Reported by Silver Ion IV Injection via Catheter

In case studies reported by Arrow International, Inc., AIDS patients treated by placing a silver-platinum-copper electrode/catheter into the superior vena cava, and then applying a minute amount of electrical current, experienced significant drops in viral loads over a one month treatment period ( from 2,000,000 viral copies to 500,000 in one reported case ).

Arrow Intl. reports that the silver ion outflow is controlled by the amount of copper in the electrode alloy, and states that their patented silver ion delivery system results in an average output of four-hundred billion silver cations per second, by utilizing 2.5 microamps of current for twelve minutes. The twelve minute treatment results in the release of an average of 1.94 micrograms of silver.

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