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Colloidal Silver

Welcome to our colloidal silver science and research center. This section is designed to provide reseachers with study data demonstrating and documenting the properties of silver colloids and ionic silver solutions from a wide variety of reputable sources.

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Scientific Studies & Research Documents

University of Texas Colloidal Silver Effectiveness Study - This study conducted by the University of North Texas demonstrates the in-vitro effectiveness of a 15 PPM and a 30 PPM isolated colloidal silver product against a wide range of illness-causing bacteria.

Colloidal Silver Antibacterial Study - Microbiologists at Brigham Young University ( BYU ) - This time-kill study documents the effectiveness of silver as an antimicrobial substance. BYU Microbiologist Dr. Ron W. Leavitt concluded that a quality product may possibly serve as an antibiotic alternative.

Colloidal Silver and Natural Bentonite - This comparison study documents the improved effectiveness of natural bentonite when combined with isolated colloidal silver. This time kill study was accomplished using gram-positive Staph ( wild and MRSA ).

Colloidal Silver, Healing Clay, and Skin Cancer - A private research experiment on utilizing cansema, colloidal silver and healing clay with skin cancer. Warning: The images included in this section are very graphic.

Dr. Robert O Becker - A summary of Dr. Robert Becker's research conclusions on the biological effect of silver ions in electromedicine. Famed author of Body Electric and Cross Currents, Dr. Becker has published extensive information on the tissue healing properties of ionic silver.

Silver Iontophoresis - Explore the possibilities of silver ion injection via iontophoresis in this document based on the experience of Dr. Robert O. Becker. Electrically delivering silver ions into tissues may be advantageous in the treatment of skin conditions and infections.

Attributes of Silver Particles and Silver Solutions - Frances Key's chart on the properties of silver ions and particles.

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There are 6 comments
Susie – Ferndale, WA
October 23, 2014 - 20:13
Subject: colloidal silver for cat ringworm

My little devon rex kitten had bad ringworm that did not respond to vet cures. I tried colloidal silver on the lesions and it worked great. Cleared it right up!

kimitiosi juma – kenya
March 31, 2014 - 15:35
Subject: treatment

dear to you,
can C S cure hiv/aids please let me what to do try and dosage,waiting patient and how do l get the suplies.

Stephanie – florida
April 25, 2011 - 23:30
Subject: Vet recommended, rat approved

I had a friend vet wbleepedrecommended this stuff to me. It had a poor rebleepedtion and apparently no studies to even proved it worked. but I trusted him and my faith in western medicine was shook so I tried it, and everytime it worked. I used it for respiratory illness, rats get that very easily, and they've worked better then antibiotics. If the studies still say that it does nothing, then I'm at a loss, there's no placebo effect and I have used it time and time again on generations of rats. I even used it to save one of my rat boy's eye. The rats were I got him from were getting an eye infection, causing them to squint and seal their eye shut, and it was happening to him! Not on my watch, twice I day I sprayed and rubbed his eye, in a few days his eye opened, nice and clear. Colliodial silver, it works and I love it!

Thomas Lans – någon
September 27, 2010 - 13:35

Kolloidalt silver är det någon som känner till detta? det sägs bota allt vad infektioner är och det kallas för antibiotika och ett extra immunförsvar?.
Någon som kan ämnet? och kan på vetenskaplig grund tala om för mig om det är en bluff eller äger sin riktighet och kan bota?

Debbie Kness – Missouri
August 10, 2010 - 01:01
Subject: Colloidal silver uses

I have a cat wbleepedis elderly, had painful abcessed teeth requiring surgical removal. His face was a mass of open sores that recessed into his sinus cavities. I thoroughly cleaned his teeth then I tried colloidal silver by using a syringe and putting it down his throat, and also soaking a cotton ball with silver and dabbing it on his face and gums. The infection cleared up completely in a short period of time and almost a year later he has no problems. His face is completely healed, no surgery required.
Another cat I have had seizures. They were very serious and at the maximum dosage of phenobarb and kepra he continued to have seizures. I started giving him colloidal silver three times a day. The seizures stopped. I have not been able to get him off the meds but he needs a much lower dosage now.
I also have a stray cat with FIV and FeLV. I'm going to put him on a silver regimen to see if it helps. Got to reorder since I'm running low.
I have used silver on myself with great success for cuts and scratches. I used it on an elderly man I caregive, he had an intractable bedsore. The sore disappeared and didn't return. That was a year ago.

Arthur Pacheco – las vegas, Nev.
October 14, 2009 - 04:05
Subject: colloidal silver advantages

To whoever is interested: the uses of this amazing stuff are almost endless, and very useful where other things don't do very well at all. Having gotten wind of its many uses, my lady and myself began to use it years ago, only to find that it's use is always a revelation of how much mother Nature has indeed looked out for our many ailments and problems, in allowing this substance to exist.
An example: occured when our dog got an infected eye that seemed to be getting worse until we took her to a vet. He told us that it was an infection, something we knew already, and prescribed an ointment that we found to be very expensive, but also useless, as our dog kept her weeping eye with no signs of improvement. At which point, Jill had the idea of using the colloidal silver we were just discovering at that time, and it worked overnight. The next morning, our dog Aura, was over her eye problem and running about as usual. This from just one application of the C.S. to her eye, which she allowed being used to so much fussing over her poor eye.
There have been more, many more cases where the aid has been just as quick and uncomplicated, so I have nothing but good to say about C.S., it's uses warrant further research and its uses, I feel, will justify this.
Good fortune and best of health to all beings.

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