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Building a Colloidal Silver Generator Tutorial
Basic Colloidal Silver Production - Learn How to Make Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver

Welcome to our colloidal silver generator / production center, which has been designed to provide the basic theory behind making colloidal silver, and provide the public with the means to make a safe and effective colloidal silver product. Documents in this section graphically demonstrate how to build the most basic colloidal silver generator possible, and then refine the process to improve the end quality of the product. We strongly suggest that one endevours to understand the basic model in some depth before refining the process, as this will greatly assist in the mastery of production.

Even many individuals who believe that they are producing advanced colloidal silver sometimes violate the principles of mastery. In each and every case, the consequence is an inferior product. We greatly recommend that individuals interested in experimenting with making colloidal silver study the principles in this section closely. Afterward, a great deal of creativity may be safely used to refine and improve upon the production process.

Please note that the basic generator is presented as a study tutorial only, designed to give a thorough understanding of the principles of CS production. It is not presented as a recommendation for a high quality generator product. The basic generator will, if used correctly, produce a safe product that has proven to be effective, but not a high quality product. We encourage readers to, after achieving a true understanding of CS production, refine the generator.

If you are interested in premium quality, pre-made silver, view our recommended silver products page.

Visit our pre-made colloidal silver generators section if you wish to explore and/or purchase colloidal silver generators.

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The Basic Colloidal Silver Generator
How to Make Colloidal Silver

The Basic Colloidal Silver Generator - Part One: Supplies needed for creating a low voltage direct current 4 nine-volt battery generator. No experience or technical expertise is needed to follow this simple graphic tutorial on basic production.

Constructing / Building the Generator - Once supplies have been acquired, this document provides the necessary instructions on assembling the generator for use.

Colloidal Silver Production - The basic theory and principles behind the electrolysis method of colloidal silver generation. This is an extremely important section, as it lays the ground work for more advanced production methods.

Using the Silver Generator - This document gives step by step instructions on producing a safe and effective product using the basic generator.

Final Notes on Making Colloidal Silver - A commentary describing the technical details of basic production. This section is also important to understanding the process of making colloidal silver.

Once one has an understanding of the basics, view our commentary:

Do it Yourself Low Voltage Direct Current Colloidal Silver Generator with Mechanical Stirring - A simple low current do-it-yourself lvdc generator that employs mechanical stirring.

Geiner's Basic Colloidal Silver Generator
Bob Geiner's Basic Colloidal Silver Generator with Current Monitoring

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There are 11 comments
Marge – Spearfish SD
February 26, 2012 - 09:03
Subject: Micro current baths on negative polarity and .03 frequency

Would Greta Petrich Enumclaw, Washington please explain the statement of her September 08, 2010 - 20:46 post. (Or someone) "micro current baths on negative polarity, and .03 frequency."
I would like to know what I would need to take a micro current bath besides a bath tub. What is the device that produces the micro current and how do you use it?

jack madden – peekskill, n.y. 10566
February 03, 2012 - 11:20
Subject: treating HIV

Looking to make my own generator or purchase a good one that wiil give me small particles 20-50ppm

Stelian – Bulgaria
January 14, 2012 - 15:20
Subject: A few questions

Greetings from Bulgaria!
Your site is very useful. I am glad that you have and help with any questions ionic / colloidal silver.

1. I use deionized water, which measure (with TDS meter) 3ppm. Whether it is clean enough? Should it be necessarily 0ppm?

2. For production of 10ppm, it takes me one hour. The device shows me 13ppm, but I draw the initial water 3ppm. Is this calculation correct?

3. My water also has a slight metallic taste. Is this normal or due to poor de-ionized water? Should I ever to feel metallic taste of water, regardless of concentration?

4. Is it possible to use electricity, less than 1ma? If you use a 0.5ma whether it will produce smaller particles and the quality or too small, not preferable? Of course this will take longer, but for me quality is important. (With silver ion treated my dad with cancer of the colon and bladder.)

5. In five minutes, I switch the polarity of the electrodes. Somewhere it was mentioned that this is done to better retention of particles and electrodes. whether it is useful and correct? On your site I could not find anything to change the polarization of the electrodes.

Greetings, Stelian!

July 08, 2011 - 15:33
Subject: polarity

I would like to make colloidal silver with a 12v AC adaptor. But there is a polarity switch for positive or negative. Which one do I set it on in order to make the colloidal silver?

Greta Petrich – Enumclaw, Washington
September 08, 2010 - 20:46
Subject: Silver Grows Bone (Dr. Robt Becker, Ortho Surgeon & Researcher) (Not the same as Bob Beck)

About 18 years ago I had a virulent eye infection in both eyes. Nothing seemed to help, except applying hot compresses and staying away from any sugar. After at least a year of battling it, I decided to dose up massively on colloidal silver. I had a podunk silver maker that only produced 5 ppm, but it was all I knew to use. I drank at least three 8 oz. glasses of sillver water daily, along with micro current baths on negative polarity, and .03 frequency.

The day I started my colloidal silver regimen, I awoke to find I had a left front canine tooth broken off at the gumline. As an incredible side effect, two weeks into the colloidal silver and micro current I noticed that my tooth had grown almost completely back, and, of course, the eye infection cleared up quite a bit.

Dr. Robert Becker wrote a very interesting book called "The Body Electric" in which he states that he found silver and microcurrent to be a powerful combination to heal recalcitrant bone fractures, among a host of other things. It is also a powerful one-two punch against paralysis due to spinal fracture and strokes, to name but a few benefits.

My microcurrent machine is on the fritz, but I believe that humble, home-made colloidal silver and even a relaxation circuit, etc. could work miracles. Indeed, colloidal silver by itself can be a potent healer.

Colloidal Silver
September 24, 2009 - 01:48
Subject: Colloidal Silver

Interesting article, its amazing all the uses and benefits that colloidal silver has.

Jorgen – Penrith, Australia
August 11, 2009 - 03:31
Subject: ppm's

What ppm ca. can CS help me with psoriasis and high bloadpreasure
Thank you Admin – Las Vegas, NV
July 25, 2009 - 11:21

Hi -

You cannot make a stable, effective oligodynamic isolated silver colloid or isolated solution about 20 PPM without a very high energy potential in-sol.

Therefore, in order to achieve a higher concentration of silver, you would need to add an acid to the production process, or bind the silve rto protein, or use a buffer, such as baking soda.

However, none of those ideas are good ideas, as the relative effectiveness of the silver greatly decreases, and the risk for argyria increases.

rudi – Ottawa Canada
July 24, 2009 - 23:10
Subject: how to make concentrations higher than 20 ppm

how can we make concentrations higher than 20 ppm?

May 17, 2009 - 14:15
Subject: ppm

how do you control the ppm?


Reply to christina Admin – Las Vegas, NV
August 05, 2009 - 11:01
Subject: Re: ppm

THe PPM is controlled by limiting the conductivity in the water. This is done by starting only with the purest distilled water, and then monitoring and controlling the amount current traveling between both electrodes.

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