The Story of Ozone
5: Ozone Therapy Protocols



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Ozone Therapy Protocols

There are Twenty-four methods administering ozone therapeutically:

1. in the ear
2. vaginal insufflation
3. rectal insufflation
4. drinking water
5. cupping with a funnel
6. external limb bagging
7. bladder insufflation
8. ozonated bath
9. breathing through olive oil
10. steam cabinet
11. ozonated olive oil massage
12. ozonated water enema
13. direct intravenous injection
14. autohemotherapy
15. intra-arterial injection
16. direct injection into a tumor
17. intracutaneous (blistering)
18. subcutaneous
19. intramuscular
20. intra-articular
21. uterine insufflation
22. subatmospheric bagging
23. hyperbaric ozone
24. dental use of ozonated water 

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The Story of Ozone


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