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Our newly formed e-group email discussion list has been formed to give researchers an uncensored forum to discuss oxygen therapies, ozone therapies, and sauna therapies.



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Acceptable Primary Topics for Group Discussion:

  1. Ozone Therapy
    1. Ozone Sauna Therapy
    2. Ozone Bagging, Insulflation
    3. Ozonated Oils, etc.
    4. Stabilized Ozone Compounds
  2.  Oxygen Therapy
    1. Stabilized Oxygen
    2. H2O2 ( Hydrogen Peroxide )
  3. Sauna & Hydrotherapy
    1. Ozone
    2. Steam
    3. Far Infrared
    4. Hot Springs
    5. Pelotherapy

The website address to our new Google Ozone & Oxygen Discussion Group:

Ozone, Oxygen, and Sauna E-mail List / Group


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