August 2004
NASA Considers Use of Synethic Silver Fibers

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Silver - In the News - August 2004

Synthetic fibers embedded with silver molecules used to create bacteria resistant clothing - NASA considers application for astronauts

First Reported by The Free Press, August 2004

Scientists working in an underwater lab owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration utilize silver-embedded fabrics made by Domestic Fabrics. The fabrics, made by a company named Domestic Fabrics from threads manufactured by Foss Manufacturing, have been proven to be effective against odor causing bacteria, fungus and mildew, and can be woven into wearable clothes, sheets, pillow cases, and other useful cloth material.

Recently, the silver ion technology has attracted the attention of NASA. Based on the results of testing done by NASA's Extreme Environment Mission Operations ( NEEMO ), NASA has asked Domestic Fabrics to create useable materials suitable for use aboard the International Space Station.

"It's exciting," Bill Hunneke said. "Now we're working with NASA to actually get this into space. It might happen. This has been a tremendous success."

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