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The founders of www.silvermedicine.org have spent considerable time and effort to locate quality ozone generators suitable for a wide range of home uses. Our goal? Finding the most affordable, safe, and durable ozone generators suitable for experimental home ozone use.

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Low Cost Ozone Generators

When considering ozone generators for home therapuetic use, several issues must be taken into account.

We've received emails from interested individuals who are looking at simple air purifiers and water ozonaters when considering ozone generator purchases. These units are attractive, in that they are very cost effective. While such units, if designed correctly, do a great job for their purpose, and while the water ozonaters, if designed correctly, do an excellent job with ozonating water, these are not at all suitable for therapuetic use.

When considering an ozone machine purchase for therapuetic purposes, one must examine three factors:

1. Ozone concentration - The volume of ozone per hour, which is what many industrial ozone units are gauged by, is not directly relevant to the therapuetic value of ozone. The greatest factor to consider is the actual concentration of ozone that a machine produces. 3% Ozone ( 42 ug/ml in pure oxygen ) is the minimum therapuetic concentration, with 5% ozone ( 70 ug/ml in pure oxygen ) being the generally recognized maximum effective concentration. Most of the water ozonators being sold max out at a concentration of 2.5% - 3% ozone. Furthermore, many of the cheap units shipped out of China are misrepresented and do not produce ozone according to the manufacturer specifications.

2. Ozone Production - The method of ozone generation and the quality of the components is extremely important. Industrial and commercial ozone generators usually are created with a corona "hot spark" method. If one uses ambient air instead of pure oxygen, an excessive amount of nitrous oxide is created as a byproduct of ozone generation, and this produces a significant health risk at high concentrations.

3. Ozone Generator Engineering Considerations - Ozone resistant parts should be used in-line. When quality components are used, machines can be designed to last for years of use. Cheap ozone machines will last for perhaps a year. A quality ozone machine will run for years.

Consider carefully the uses for which your generator should serve. The options we outline below are for experimental therapuetic use, not medical use. The ozone generators are capable of air treatment , water ozonation, steam sauna use, bath use, ozonating food, water, ozone bagging and insulflation.

UV Generator - Laboratory tested at 5% Ozone

UV Ozone Generator
UV Ozone Generator - Discontinued

Cold Spark Ozone Machines/Generators

Twin, Dual Cell Cold Corona Ozone Generator

A basic, high quality therapeutic grade ozone generator made with ozone resistant parts, with a lifetime warranty. The two ozone generators available below are good for: Water Ozonation, Steam Sauna Use, Oil Ozonation, Insulflation.

  • Twin, Dual Cell Ozone Generator -WPS 400 - 120 Gamma: $775.00 + 30.00 Shipping
  • Email us to purchase: Ordering
  • A refurbished Invacare Mobile Air Unit / Oxygen Concentrator - $450.00 (includes shipping)
  • These units are sold as water purification devices
  • To use the ozone generator, one needs to understand how to regulate the ozone concentration - instructions are included with the units.

In order to use this generator, an oxygen source is needed, either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator may be used. We can provide high quality, warrantied refurbished oxygen concentrators for $400.00, or you can shop around for a unit elsewhere. The Invacare units we offer have a 30 day unconditional warranty (we pay shipping both ways), and a 1 year standard warranty (you pay to ship it back, and we'll pay return shipping). These Invacare units are good for steam saunas, water ozonation, and ozonating olive oil. For insulflation, an oxygen tank with a low flow rate is recommended.

Other Ozone Generators

The only other ozone generators we can for therapeutic home use:

  • The Ext-120 by Longevity (expect to pay about $2000.00 for basic equipment)

  • Equipment manufactured by Ozone Research Labs in Canada (currently a medical degree with ozone certification is required for purchasing)

Also, consider the recomendations below:

Nebulizers for Ozonating Oils

For individuals who wish to bubble ozone (only between 1-5% concentration) through oils and nebulize:

Nebulizer for Ozonating Oils
[ Nebulizer for breathing ozonated oils ]

The BIOREGENE Nebulizer with kit ( VAPOZONE Detox System II Kit ) is available for $200.00 by following this link: Click Here.

Ozone Steam Sauna Tents

Ozone steam sauna tents are far more affordable than the steam cabinets available on the retail market. Steam Sauna Tents suitable for ozone use are available from ~ $250.00. Our recommendation for Tents and Cabinets:

Steam Therapy Tents, Cabinets, and Chambers: Ozone

If you are interested in learning more about the ozone generators we are currently backing, .


Ozone machines for sale for between $200.00 and $400.00 are fine for table-top water purification, but do not suffice for experimental therapeutic use. These units usually use either very cheap air pumps and production cells ( which don't last and don't produce a high enough concentration of ozone ), or they use corona "hot spark" discharge, which, when not oxygen fed, produces an excess amount of nitrous oxide.

There are high grade professional medical ozone systems available ( email us and we'd be glad to make a recommendation based on your needs ). While these systems are excellent and in many ways superior, the systems tend to be pricey (starting from around $1500.00-$2500.00).

The two ozone generator solutions we've presented represent the most useable and convenient choices available at an affordable price.

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