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Hepatitis C ( HCV ) Treatment Protocol

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Protocol Description

Colloidal silver use will begin at one ounce daily taken in the morning for three days. Any noticeable side effects will be recorded during this period as a part of a herxheimer effect study conducted with those who have never previously used colloidal silver.

After the initial 72 hour period, the dosage will be increased to one ounce taken three times daily for a period of seven days; one ounce taken in the morning on an empty stomach, one ounce taken in the early afternoon, and one ounce before sleeping. Another side effect report will be conducted at the end of the seven day period.

Provided the individual is not experiencing severe herxheimer effects ( in which case the dosage shall be held at one ounce twice daily ), the dose will be increased to one ounce taken four times daily, for a period of ninety days, with at least four hours between ingestion times, including one dose in the morning on an empty stomach, and one dose before bed.

After the 90 day period, results will be evaluated.

The colloidal silver will be held in the mouth for at least 60 seconds prior to ingestion.

The colloidal silver will always be transferred out of the storage container prior to use; it shall never be used directly from the storage bottle.

In the rare event that severe herxheimer effects are experienced early in the experiment, the individual concerned will have the option of coresearching a herxheimer effect treatment project; supplies will be provided free of charge.

Colloidal Silver Information

The colloidal silver used in this research experiment will be produced using the SilverGen SG7 Pro colloidal silver generator. It will be produced at ~10 PPM, +/- 2 PPM, as determined by PWT meter readings using a formula customized for the SilverGen generator. The colloidal silver will be, roughly, 85% ionic and 15% particulate, produced with quality distilled water.

Each ounce of colloidal silver will therefore contain approximately 0.296 milligrams of silver. Four ounces daily would be 1.184 - 1.4208 milligrams of silver daily, which exceeds the amount recommended by the EPA for daily LIFETIME consumption of silver to avoid the risk of argyria. The amount of silver ingested will exceed the recommendation by no more than .3 milligrams daily.

The colloidal silver will be provided by the gallon to coresearching participants.

Participants will be required to sign four forms, complete questionnaires, and complete pre-formatted reports, all of which will be located in the documents section of this project. The reports can be filled out on online and e-mailed, or provided via hard-copy. The forms must be signed by the participant and a valid witness.

Participants understand that all data collected will be made available for public view. All personal information, however, will be held as confidential unless otherwise directly expressed in writing.

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