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Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2O2 ): Conversion Calculator
Calculating Dilutions: H2O2, Silver, Distilled Water


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Hydrogen Peroxide
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This calculator, programmed in javascript, will calculate H2O2 dilutions, allowing one to figure out how much H2O2 to use in water or colloidal silver in order to achieve the desired concentration.

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This form calculates accurate mixtures of two solutions. It is intended mainly for adding hydrogen peroxide to either colloidal silver or distilled water at varying concentration strengths.

To find out what an end solution strength is, enter the following: (1) for X, enter the amount of the INITIAL Hydrogen Peroxide used 2) enter the strength of this solution, often 35%. (3) Enter the amount of distilled water/CS to be used 3) Enter the solution strength of your second solution. If you are using a distilled water or an ionic silver base that does not contain any H2O2, enter ZERO for the Solution 2 strength.

If you are interested in calculating the amount of actual silver in your solution, then enter the estimated PPM of your initial colloidal silver solution. This value does not effect any of the H2O2 calculations.

Press the calculate button. The data that is populated on the next page will 1) verify your input data, and 2) provide the percentage of H2O2 ( Solution 1 ) and the amount of the final solution.

Of course, this form is not limited to use with H2O2.


Solution Strength ( % )
Sol 1 ( H2O2 )
S1: %
S1 * X

Sol 2 ( distilled
water or CS )

Z - X

Strength of Colloidal Silver ( not used in concentration strength conversion )

S2: % ( usually zero )
S2 * ( z - x )

Ending Sol

Z ( always reported in ounces )
S3: % ending strength
S3 * Z

ending formula: S3 = [(S1*X) + ( S2*(z-x))] / Z
X = amount of H2O2
Z - X = amount of distilled water/CS

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Keshav Bharadwaj – Dubai
March 20, 2014 - 10:40
Subject: Silver H2O2

I enjoyed the site very useful

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