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SilverSeas (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) says...

For those people who make their own "home brew" colloidal silver, it is a good idea to do before and after quality checks starting with the distilled water used.

First, use a meter to test the conductivity of the distilled water. Ideally, it should read under 1.0uS.

Next, test the pH.

Testing the pH of distilled water is not as easy as it sounds. Our method:

1. Start with a properly calibrated digital pH meter, and have some pH 7.0 buffer solution on hand.

2. Add about 200 ml of the buffer solution to a clean glass. Test the pH. Make a note of the pH. While it should be 7.0, your meter may be slightly off (my last test was 7.04).

3. Next, add an equal amount of your distilled water to the pH buffer solution. Retest. If the water is perfect, the reading should be the same. Make a note of pH. Our distilled water was very slightly alkaline.

4. Last, test the pH of your end colloidal silver. The 2nd and 3rd pH readings should be exactly the same!

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