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Welcome to our colloidal silver archive center. This section is a collection of unique and rare commentaries designed to provide in depth information on special topics, and has been harvested from the best and most active minds in the colloidal silver world.

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Silver Commentaries

How to Make Colloidal Silver with a Low Voltage Direct Current ( LVDC ) Colloidal Silver Generator with Mechanical Stirring - A simple low current do-it-yourself lvdc generator that employs mechanical stirring.

Silverlon ( Dr. Bart Flick ) Discussion / Silver Ions - Method of Action - A fascinating and revealing dialog from the makers of Silverlon woundcare dressing.

Faraday's Equation and Silver Solution Consumption - How Much Silver Did I Drink? - Bob Lee's essay on Faraday's Law/Equation used to calculate parts per million ( PPM ) of silver deposited in distilled water through electrolysis.

"Herx's" Faraday's Equation Caculator - A calculator designed in excel that predicts the amount of silver content generated based on Faraday's Equation.

Brooks Bradley's "The Airbrush Oxygen Nebulizer" - The original commentary and set of instructions for building an oxygen nebulizer for use with colloidal silver.

Tutorial - How to build a medical oxygen Nebulizer - Part 2, step by step instructions on building the Brooks Bradley oxygen nebulizer.

Making a Colloidal Silver and Constant Stirring in the colloidal silver generation process - An extensive dialog exploring the various stirring methods employed in colloidal silver generators.

Commentaries on Using Colloidal Silver and Bentonite - Topical applications of colloidal silver and bentonite.

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