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Welcome to our colloidal silver learning center, designed to provide general and basic information concerning the nature of silver colloids, ionic silver, and silver compounds. All of the articles below provide a basic overview of using, manufacturing and understanidng colloidal silver.


Introduction to Colloidal Silver 101 - Articles

New to Silver solutions, or never heard of silver as used in alternative medicine? Start here: A brief introduction to antibacterial silver solutions.

Introduction to the Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Infections - This is a great place to begin your explorations into the potential benefits of ionic and particulate silver.

An Esoteric History of Element Silver - Our essay describing the mythological, metaphysical and alchemical aspects of silver, with consideration to colloidal silver production and the possibilities of future -- and quite sublime -- methodologies concerning colloidal silver generation.

FAQ: Silver compounds, salts, proteins, isolated ionic silver and particle silver - This document addresses common concerns regarding the different types of products available, focusing on describing and understanding quality products made via the electrolysis method, exploring the differences in strength ( concentration ), and contrasting all of these variables with non-isolated silver products.

FAQ: The Low Voltage Direct Current Method of Colloidal Silver Production - Frequently asked questions regarding the type of silver to use, the voltage to employ, and other pertinent information concerning basic LVDC production. This document also covers tips in improving the quality of basic colloidal silver generation.

What is colloidal silver? - Definition and Glossary of Terms - Definition of terms and glossary.

Measuring / Testing PPM ( Parts Per Million ) of Isolated Colloidal Silver - The methods and pitfalls of measuring the concentration of "home-brew" colloidal silver.

Properly Classifying / Testing Colloidal Silver - How to determine the quality and properties of colloidal silver via analytical studies.

Mild Silver Protein ( MSP ): Our document providing information on Mild Silver Protein ( MSP ).

Silver Citrate - Axenohl - Water OZ: Our document providing information on Silver Citrate Solutions.

EIS - Electrically Isolated Silver - What does electrically isolated silver mean?

Consider purchasing books on colloidal silver:

Recommended Book, Introduction to Colloidal Silver

Reference Book on Colloidal Silver

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