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Welcome to our colloidal silver generator center, which has been designed to provide information on quality colloidal silver generators and the processes by which colloidal silver is made. In this section you can explore, review, and rate approved products and equipment.

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Colloidal Silver Generators

Colloidal Silver Generators: Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS) is currently not specifically endorsing any particular model of colloidal silver generator. Rather, this section has been designed to give the interested individual the information necessary to make a an excellent purchase decision.

We now only list a few generators. This is mostly due to the aggressive marketing hype out there, not necessarily because other equipment is not good. We would much rather people take the time to learn what makes good EIS, good EIS, and make their own choices!

Size Matters

The first decision anyone interested in purchasing a colloidal silver generator must make is regarding the capacity. How much colloidal silver will you need? Just enough for yourself and a small family, or more?

The small units on the market are very affordable, but only produce enough colloidal silver for personal use. Most will easily generate enough CS for two people.

It is easier to produce a high quality batch of colloidal silver with a small generator, primarily because it is easier to manage all of the variables of colloidal silver production. The quality of an EIS (Electrically Isolated Silver) is dependent upon the acutal surface area of silver in the water. Smaller electrodes can be used without much consequence with smaller colloidal silver generators.

We currently don't have a recommendation for high capacity colloidal silver generators. Educate yourself completely before making a purchase! There are pitfalls with generators that use HVAC, and generators that recommend using a conductive agent in-process!

Shape, Configuration and Placement of the Electrodes

The simplest generators use straight, pure silver electrodes (all silver used must be at least 99.99% pure) placed directly into water; often times with the electrodes spaced haphazardly. While this method works, it is not ideal. Furthermore, some units are sold with the electrodes bent with top hooks, so that the electrodes sit on the edges of the glass containers. This is not correct, as it changes the conductivity of the water around the rim.

Therefore, pay very careful attention to the electrode configuration. The more surface area of silver in the water, the better the production process. The placement of the electrodes is also important. The electrodes should be in the middle of the production vessel. The spacing of the electrodes is also critical. For units with no circulation, the electrodes should be evenly spaced, with an equal distance between electrodes and the sides of the "brewing" container.

What We Won't Include

  • We won't include companies who sell colloidal silver generators that use hype to promote sales (even if their generation device is of acceptable quality)
  • We won't include companies who promote making lower quality colloidal silver. This includes generators that use air bubbling devices to stir (introduces contaminants and nitrogen into the distilled water). It also includes companies that promote using a baking soda, salt, or hydrogen peroxide primer (H2o2 used during the production phase). It also includes companies that promote "golden" colloidal silver as being superior to EIS that is crystal clear.
  • We won't include companies that produce colloidal silver generators that are, in essence, the most basic colloidal silver generator possible.

Coyote ZEnterprizes Silverpuppy - Thermal Series 2 Colloidal Silver Generator

  • Priced at $160.00, features low current use, thermal convection stirring, unique electrode configuration, unique PPM calculations for higher PPM brews

Sota Instruments Colloidal Silver Generator - The Silver Pulser and the Silver Pulser Lite colloidal silver generator

  • Priced from $280, Sota features a low constant current, sleek engineered generator which doubles as a bio-stimulator, uses .9999 silver, with SEM and antibacterial studies available.

Biophysica Colloidal Silver and Gold Generators - CS2A, CS3A and CS12A - colloidal silver generators

  • Constant current colloidal silver generator with 12 current settings, motorized stirring, and automatic current stepping (adjusts the current automatically to control the electrolysis process). Models priced from $700.00.
  • Time kill studies done - 4 and 8 minute laboratory tests show that the Biophysica Generators perform excellent.
  • Ph analysis reads PH 6.96, very close to true nuetral.

Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generators - Currently offers four colloidal silver generator models priced from about $80 to $270. Unlike the more automated units, these are more "geeky" colloidal silver generators.

SIS Machines - Silver Iontophoresis Devices - Based out of New Zealand, SIS has developed equipment that delivers silver ions into the body's tissues via an electrical current and silver nylon dressings. No doubt based on the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Bart Flick, these unique and amazing devices are useful for wound healing and infection treatment.

Looking for a tutorial on building / making your own colloidal silver generator? Read our "just the basics" tutorial.

Feel free to leave a comment below. Do you use a different generator than listed above? Feel free to tell us about it!

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Topic: Colloidal Silver Generators
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doriano (Suffolk, UK) says...

What do you think of the pro colloidal silver generator? Life time guarantee for the generator, which is the only time I've seen this.


Greetings, Doriano:

There's nothing wrong with the Pro Colloidal Silver Generator. (PCS Colloidal Silver Generator/Maker). A 30 ma constant current circuit is fine for making quality EIS in a reasonable PPM concentration.  The lifetime warranty is a good marketing tactic.  None of the low constant direct current circuits should burn out.  I've never had any brand burn out on me.  The lifetime warranty offer is simply a vote of confidence by the manufacturer which no doubt instills buyer confidence as well... Maybe 1 in 5000 would ever need warranty service, and only for units that are really used on a regular basis.

The electrode configuration could be better.  The looped electrodes that Silver Puppy pioneered really do reduce electrode degredation, and improve the CS generation process.

spmfls says...

Hello, - someone previously inquired about the Silverlungs generator and seems a number of folks "liked" that inquiry as well. I also am wondering about your thoughts on that generator -the Silver Lungs brand- and am hoping that you will comment with pros and cons of it. - thanks


For this particular unit, the manufacturer does not disclose the exact production method, nor do they state how the high pH is achieved.  In order for us to evaluate this unit properly, we'd have to test it.  We don't have any plans on doing so.  We would never use a CS generator that also alkalized water.

When consuming alkaline water, a person needs to know exactly what minerals are involved.  To properly alkalize the body, the idea is to restore the body to homeostasis.  This means ingesting a BALANCED alkaline mineral formulation.  This includes balancing potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are the primary alkaline minerals that the body utilizes in many biochemical processes.

SilverSeas says...

Drinking alkaline water just because it has a high pH is fool hardy... There is value in temporarily consuming, for example, high pH water made with Potassium in order to flush the body, but drinking alkaline water year in and year out without paying careful attention to the minerals consumed by the body is not a wise practice.

It is *****much***** better to drink lemon water which includes balanced alkaline minerals along with beneficial acids (for liver and blood cleansing). Drinking lemon water also doesn't risk damaging the body due to low HCL production (and drinking highly alkaline water).

I would use a colloidal silver generator that specializes in producing EIS.

Anita Myska says...

I just purchased the LifeForce compact EZ-1 Colloidal Silver Generator. Any comments on this one?


...this is simply a basic CS generator without current control or any bells and whistles.  The only advantage to the unit is the price for those who want the most simple CS generator possible.  It will make a decent 5 PPM silver solution, but I wouldn't use anything the machine makes over 10 PPM.

dorian (Essex, UK) says...

I am looking at the pro colloidal silver generator and was wondering what you think of it as it is either this or the silver gen model that i would like to get.

www procolloidalsilver . com/cs-generators?product_id=75



Based on the specifications given @ Amazon, I don't see anything wrong with this unit.

However, the Silvergen is a bit better due to the quality of the electrodes.  A bit more surface area, and the electrodes are a grade above the ones used by the other generator as far as purity goes.

Anna says...

Have you heard of Silverlung Generator, and was wondering what you thought of it?

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