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Robert O. Becker, MD

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The documents in this section explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.

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Silver Montage

Skin Cancer Treatment: Day 27 - 03-23-02

Treatment continued as previously described on page five. Unfortunately, the equipment needed for experiments with silver injection has not yet arrived. At this rate, there would be nothing left to experiment on!

I would have preferred to manage the wound site three times daily, but my schedule only allowed for twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.

Wound Nearly Healed
Wound Nearly Healed

The Wound is now nearly healed.

The stretch marks could have been avoided with careful attention to the area three times daily, rather than twice daily.

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