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The documents in this section explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.

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Skin Cancer Treatment: Day 21 - 03-23-02

Treatment with 68 ounces daily of Hydroxide used internally and dietary shift:

This period, PH stabalized at just above 6.0. Due to the shift in the body's ph balance, I have been experiencing a marked improvement in muscle strength.

4 - 6 grams of Squalene daily ( internal )

All discomfort and pain departed in short order.

The result of the clay pack on the kidneys and intestines caused a shift in treatment ideology. Isolated colloidal silver was used twice daily, for periods ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Today, two clay compresses were used to stimulate the the granulating tissue. This is accomplished by soaking a sponge dressing, or suitable equivalent, in a thick clayish water, and applying it to the treatment area. The results were noticeably soothing. Of course, one needs to be certain that the clay dressing does not dry on the wound. I used the silver solution to keep the dressing moist, then gently cleaned the area upon finishing.

Four days ago, the skin treatment formula was shifted as well: Four grams of liquid squalene were added, as well as Rosewood Essential Oil and Neem Tree oil. The end formula contained Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Oil, Neem Tree Oil, Squalene, and the essential oil blend ( carefully blended to prevent tissue irritation ).

It appeared that the healing of the tissues had accelerated greatly. This began to occur as soon as the inflammation was reduced in the area. This occurence caused a reconsideration of the clay application -- perhaps smaller ( meaning less quantity of clay ) poultices more often during the beginning of the healing process should have been used. It was key, however, that the first clay pack reach the deeper tissues. After the first application, a thinner clay pack could have been used to minimize the effects experienced on the kidney and intestines.

The Wound is Healing Well
The Wound is Healing Well

Tissue Healing Accelerated - Wound Healing Well

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