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The documents in this section explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.


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Skin Cancer Treatment: Day 15 - 03-16-02

Treatment with 64 ounces daily of Hydroxide and dietary shift:

Day 9:   PH 5.25
Day 10: PH 5.30
Day 11: PH 5.50
Day 12: PH 5.55
Day 13: PH 5.30
Day 14: PH 5.50
Day 15: PH 5.90
Day 16: PH 6.07

4 - 6 grams of Squalene daily

For the most part, the discomfort lessened as the days of the week unfolded. Light drainage occured on a daily basis. The wound was cleaned with colloidal silver twice to three times daily, as needed, during the week.

On day 15, 3-16-02, a test was done with clay treatment where the clay never touches the body at all. While, in this case, there was no real reason to take this approach, it was an interesting experiment to both document and experience first hand. There are cases where one would not wish to use clay applied directly to a wound. Mainly, these situations occur when a wound is a mess, caught between being infected and partially healed. If clay is directly applied to such a wound, the infection will be erradicated in very short order, but the healing of the tissues will have to start from the beginning ( on wounds that will heal by closing from the sides )... In other words, the bentonite will strip the wound, cleaning it completely. In such a case, the clay can be applied without touching the body at all.

This method of clay use is achieved by using a very thin sponge dressing. One places the clay onto the thin dressing, then applies the dressing to the wound, with the clay facing outward, not touching the body. Then, a second dressing is used to isolate the natural bentonite. This "double-dressing" is then secured to the body.

For those few who are experienced in such treatments, there is little doubt that a very real effect occurs. After all, if surface contact was necessary for direct action, then the clay would only be working chemically on the surface of the wound, rather than deep below the area. The principles of operation are the same, although nearly defy logical explanation.

This is not the preferred method of use, for the pain relieving effects of the clay are often nullified. This baffling effect was experienced with the treatment experiment on this day.

The wound was gently cleaned, then photographed. The clay pack was prepared and applied, and left on for 1.5 hours. The actual physical effect of the clay can be seen through careful analysis of the photo sets, which are not included in this presentation.

The clay pack induced a soreness directly beneath the wound. This soreness was apparently caused by a build up of toxic substances that the body had not yet eliminated. The clay both expands all of the tissues, and pulls out toxic substances. The net result is an increase in the healing potential of the body. The clay pack used in this case was nearly 3/4 inch thick. It also acted on the left kidney and the large intestines, invoking pain in both organs. This pain lasted for about six hours, and was quite surprising. Again, if the clay had been directly applied to the skin, the discomfort response would have been far less to non-existant.

A thin clay poultice would have minimized this effect as well. In some cases, an individual is too weak to experience a full clay pack over any major organ ( this in situations of dire illness or other great disturbance ). In such cases, a clay compress can be used by soaking a dressing in clayish water, and applying, monitoring with great care. It is situations such as these that prompt emminent clay expert Raymond Dextreit to strongly recommend natural internal cleansing a few days before starting external clay therapy. This, in my experience, is not always practical, and I have found that simple common sense suffices when using clay externally.

In the end analysis, in the cases where there is no infection present and/or full clay immersion is not being used, it can be difficult to evaluate the end results of clay use, especially in situations where extreme trauma is not present. However, the effect of clay use always results in positive performance, barring extreme exceptions that the average user would not likely run into. For example, in cases of extreme heavy metal poisoning ( very extreme, in cases where treatments are in the vicinity of actual organs ), the clay can provoke an incredible reaction. Premature discontinuation of clay use can possibly cause these toxins to be "dropped" into the body's system, leaving the immune system to work to remove the substances. Also, inferior product use ( such as FDA grade clay hydrated with distilled water ) applied directly to wounds may slow the healing of the actual surface tissues. The clay MUST always be covered to reduce evaporation and polarize the clay's effect toward the body ( in cases of wound management ).

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