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The documents in this section explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.

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Silver Montage

Skin Cancer Treatment: Day 10 - 03-11-02

The wound continued to drain on Sunday.

Monday morning, the eschar was effortlessly excised. The wound was irrigated and gently cleaned. The eschar was carefully photographed, then disinfected, sealed and preserved for a possible biopsy at a later date. A fresh silver/clay pack was immediately begun after snapshots were taken. 9:00 am marked the beginning of the treatment. Mostly due to the complete relief experienced, and the fact that no side effects occured through clay use, the pack was left on until 12:15.

As usual, nothing cleanses a new wound better than the natural bentonite. The wound was once again irrigated with isolated colloidal silver.

It is likely that this cancer has been at least in part caused by acidosis.

The current evaluation is that the cansema did the exact job it was designed to do. However, it is wise to consider that there is no real or lasting cure for cancer without fully addressing the diet, stress, and rest patterns.

Before Clay Therapy Treatment
Just After Clay Application

Before ( left ) and After Clay Application ( right and below )

After Clay Application


The Eschar - After Removal

Treatment with 64 ounces daily of Hydroxide ( HRX - Potassium Hydroxide ) and dietary shift:

Day  9: PH 5.25
 Day 10: PH 5.30
 Day 11: PH 5.50
 Day 12: PH 5.55
 Day 13: PH 5.30
 Day 14: PH 5.50
 Day 15: PH 5.90

Day 11, 3-12-02:

Greatly reduced discomfort levels. The healing progressed nicely. Bentonite was not used due to time restrictions.

Day 12, 3-13-02

Discomfort increased significantly, likely owing to lack of support of bentonite. As usual, the discomfort was due soley to aggitation of the area.

Day 13, 3-14-02

Discomfort level lessening. Inflamation of area began to naturally reduce in the evening.

Began 1000 mg liquid Squalene 1 dose 3TD.

Noticed the PH balance shift back to 5.3.

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