Skin Cancer: Healing Clay, Colloidal Silver & Cansema
Using Natural Bentonite Healing Clay and Colloidal Silver: Cansema Removed

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The documents in this section explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.

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Silver Montage


Skin Cancer Treatment: Day 8: 03/09/02

Monday through Friday, the treatment progressed as planned. Friday, 3-8-02, the wound began to drain. This relieved significant pressure in the area, reducing pain. When the clay packs were stopped earlier in the week, the pain level escalated, though not dramatically.

During the week, the wound was irrigated and cleansed using a sponge dressing soaked with isolated colloidal silver. The relief to the surface tissues using this method was quite evident, and I now view this whole process as beneficial. Although likely resulting in "wound chilling", overall, I believe soaking a dressing and letting the dressing stay on the wound for about twenty minutes was worthwhile ( adding the silver solution to the dressing on occasion with a standard "dropper" ).

Colloidal Silver Soaked Dressing

The surrounding tissues were managed using an Aloe Vera / Vitamin E oil base with Elemi Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, and Myrrh Essential Oil. No dermal carriers were used, just the oil base and essential oils. This was started on Wednesday.

The area is infection free.

Friday Evening, Day Nine: 3/9/02

Friday evening, 3/9/02, decavitation of the eschar is well under way. Every word issued from Alpha Omega labs has proved to be both meticulously placed and accurate to the letter.

The first clay pack was applied this evening at about 9:47p. The soothing effect set in about ten minutes into the treatment - a welcome sensation of warmth that spanned deep beneath the surface tissues. Upon removing the clay pack after roughly one hour, it was evident that the bentonite treatments could be used to extract the eschar. A second treatment was done shortly thereafter at 11:11p, for an additional hour. Upon removing the second pack, VERY little connective tissue held the eschar to the location ( estimated one mm or less in the center ).

Clay Pack with Venting Hole
Second bentonite clay poultice, notice the single deep concentric circle


After the Wound was Cleaned
After Clay Application

Before and After Clay Application


After the Wound was Cleaned
After 2nd Clay Application

After the 1st Clay Application and After the 2nd Clay Application

Of particular note is the depth of the inner "hole", and the evidence that the cansema did, indeed, selectively kill cancerous tissue over healthy tissue.

Measurement of PH levels of the body ( saliva and urine ) indicated acidosis: PH Level 5.25.

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