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The documents in this section explore a single case of skin cancer treated with healing clay, cansema, and colloidal silver. Please note that the images included are very graphic. This study is freely provided as a public information service. While many skin cancers treated with Cansema are not as severe as the one this study documents, we strongly suggest a clinical diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, and if necessary qualified assistance from a licensed doctor practicing alternative medicine.

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Original Pictures of Untreated Skin Cancer Lesion & Application of Healing Clay Packs

Skin Cancer Before Treatment
Skin Cancer Before Treatment

The above images are pictures of the active cancerous lesion before any treatment action was taken. Notice the obvious inflammation around the edges, and the slight swelling of the lesion itself. The size of the lesion itself is no larger than an eraser on a pencil. The irregular shape and slight protrusion indicated about eight months ago that this was a cancerous growth. Extreme Irritation and sensitivity, which began a week prior, confirmed this belief. The cancer is located on the left side of the body, just over the bottom rib.


Skin Cancer Before Treatment

The above image shows that the cancer is located on the left side of the body, just over the bottom rib. Notice the discolorations around the area.


Skin Cancer After One Clay Poultice
Skin After 2nd Poultice

The first image above was taken after applying the first natural bentonite clay poultice to the area, secured with a sterile dressing, applied about 1" thick, and left on for about an hour. The second image was taken after the second healing clay treatment. Compare all of these images very carefully. Notice the reduction in the inflammation, and the change of color in the surrounding tissues.

Notice the white ring ( much more evident viewing the actual area than on camera ) around the lesion in the 2nd image. This indicated that the cancer had been spreading into surrounding tissues ( evident when the cancer "activated" last week, with irritation and sensitivity ). Notice that the lesion is nearly flush with the skin now, with no pronounced swelling. Through the years, it has been observed that when there is a WHITE skin reaction with any clay application, that an immune system deficiency is involved, especially evident in conditions such as Hodgkin's Disease. The nature of the reaction is endothermic. In such cases, the clay may take longer to achieve desired results than when there is no change in skin tone ( accept that which is caused by the pressure of the applied clay, of course ), or a reddening of the skin ( exothermic ).


Skin Cancer After 3rd Clay Application
[ After 3rd Treatment ]

After the third natural clay treatment, the irritation was gone, and the tissues had begun to soften up significantly. Continued treatment may have yielded good results.

Clay Poultice - After Treatment - Notice the 'Venting' Hole

When the exchange of energy between the clay and the body is significant, perfectly concentric venting holes form in the clay. This is always a strong indication of a successful treatment. The larger hole in the image corresponded to the exact location of the cancerous lesion. Experience teaches one how to recognize the difference between simple formations in the clay due to clay separation, and actual "venting holes" which upon careful removal of the clay are always perfectly concentric. Dime sized holes have been observed which span through 2 inches of clay ( dime sized at the point of contact, growing smaller the further away the clay is from the site ).

Application of Cansema to the Cancerous Growth

Cansema Applied to Skin Cancer
Cansema Applied

...The Cansema paste was applied to the area...

After the Removal of the Cansema, +24 hrs

...and removed after 24 hours.

The image above was taken just after the cansema had been removed after 24 hours: 3/2/02 7:53p. The affected area was just larger than a US quarter.


Day Two: Skin Cancer Treatment

The pain involved was significant but not unmanageable.

After the cansema was removed, the wound was cleaned using a sterile sponge dressing soaked with an isolated colloidal silver solution made with a VERY small amount of hydrogen peroxide ( less than .05% estimated at time of application, the solution was made just moments before ).

The rapid relief was welcome although short-lived.

Next, isolated colloidal silver was delivered to the wound for five minutes using a "pressure method". A tall and thin shot glass filled with the solution, having a diameter slightly larger than the wound site, and applied with pressure to the wound. This was an unpleasant experience, and not necessarily needed. Cleaning the wound would have sufficed.

However, the silver solution quickly became cloudy with excess debris, and pronounced stinging indicated direct action of the silver.

Next, a thick natural bentonite pack was applied to a sterile gauze dressing, then applied to the wound, and secured for the night. The added weight of the clay contributed to increased dicomfort. However, the end result was well worth it. Between four and seven hours after application, the pain was completely erradicated, replaced by a deep and soothing feeling. This pain relief was not permanent, as the pain returned as a result of the activities of a busy day.

In the early afternoon ( about 11:00a ) the dressing was removed.

First Clay Treatment After the Removal of Cansema
First Clay Treatment After Removal of Cansema

Clay Pack After
Clay Pack After Application

The natural bentonite healing clay poultice after removal

Day Four: Skin Cancer Treatment - 03/05/02

The third day progressed as expected. A clay poutlice, about 1/4 inch thick was left on during daytime hours, secured to the area with a dressing. However, 3/4 through the day, weakness was experienced as a result of the clay pack. Reasonable caution needs to be employed when using clay over any organ location, as the clay DOES have a direct effect on the body, including organs.

The thick clay poultice was discontinued for the night of the 3rd and the day of the fourth. This resulted in increased pain felt underneath the treatment area, as compared to the day previously. By evening hours ( after a long and busy day ), the overall pain had lessened significantly.

The waiting period had begun as the body moved to reject the now-dead tissues.

Next Page: After the Cansema has been removed, colloidal silver and healing clay use is continued.

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