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Atlas Nova, Inc

Atlasnova, based out of Mead, Washington, manufacturers colloidal silver generators and sells green/red laser pointers, as well as .9999 pure silver wire.


Atlasnova Model CSG-1G Colloidal Silver Generator

  • .9999 pure silver electrodes used
  • Constant current circuitry
  • Manual reverse polarity
  • Manual adjustable concentration (PPM)

Sota Instruments - Bob Beck Circuit
One Gallon CS Generator - Atlasnova

We recommend the one gallon colloidal silver generator for those who are more "tech" inclined. Unlike most of the other reviewed generators, this unit is not a simple "plug, play, and forget" generator. However, this unit is excellent for those who wish to experiment with high PPM batches.

It has an adjustable potentiometer that allows the end user to choose the amount of current used (by hooking up the included meter in-line and using the adjustable slide to change the current). It has a manual switch to change the polarity.

It does not have auto-current regulation or an auto-shutoff feature.

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Topic: Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generators
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SilverSeas (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) says...

This is a great unit for those who really want to experiment with making colloidal silver, but don't want to make their own circuitry.

We use ours quite a bit to make highly particulate colloidal silver for experimentation.

It's not the best unit for beginners, or people who want a plug and play system.

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