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This document explores case reports of argyria. There are only a select few modern cases of argyria which have been positively confirmed, the most noteworthy being Stan Jones and Rosemary Jacobs. However, we have received quite a few private correspondences which include mainly mild reports of cosmetic argyria over the last few years. In this section, we endevour to document these cases, although it should be noted that few of them have been medically confirmed, and often times, our correspondence has been brief and incomplete.

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Argyria Case Reports

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of Mild Silver Protein: 10

We are aware of seven recent ( within the last four years ) cases of argyria caused by the use of Mild Silver Protein. Six of these reported cases were reportedly the result of over-use of this widely promoted silver compound. Five out of these six cases were insignificant: A blue-greying of the fingernails. Whenever there is a greying of the fingernails, cessation of product use results ( from all of the information we have at our disposal ) in no permanent argyria. The seventh case was argyria caused by two months of proper use intranasally. We do not recommend that any concentrated silver product be used in the nasal passageways, as the risk for argyria with these compounds is greatly heightened.

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of Silver Citrate, Water OZ: 3

We are aware of three reported cases of argyria from the product: Water OZ. Fraudulent claims are constantly made by the manufacturers of Water OZ, who at one time were forced out of the State of Nevada for their business practices. Water OZ staff members have traditionally refused to disclaim the exact contents of Water OZ. Their product remained a mystery until analytical work performed by the staff of the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc., performed a series of advanced tests which revealed that the silver content was not "pure, with nothing more than water", but actually a highly concentrated silver citrate compound.

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of ENIVA Colloidal Silver: 2

ENIVA markets a high PPM stabilized colloidal silver compound, and claims that argyria is impossible to acquire from their product due to the fact that there are no "silver particles" present in their product. Their aggressive marketing campaigns have lulled at least one unsuspecting user into a false sense of safety based on the ignorance of their marketing team, and the unscrupulous character of their business practices.

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of Silver Nitrate: Numerous

The most famous case of argyria is the Rosemary Jacobs case, which was the result of misuse of a Silver Nitrate nasal product. We reiterate our heart-felt suggestion to NOT use any hihgly concentrated silver product intranasally. Silver Nitrate is not a common product on the market for internal use, and has not been widely used internally since the 1930's.

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of Silver and Salts: 4

Stan Jones is the most famous argyria case resulting from colloidal silver made by adding salt or saline to the production process. This method of production results in a highly concentrated silver product, with large agglomerated silver particles and an abundance of silver chloride. The second confirmed case is quite remarkable, and we urge interested readers to view our Argyria Cured thread for futher information. Both of these two confirmed cases were the result of drinking large amounts of silver-salt produced colloidal silver over a long period of time ( 8 ounces + daily ).

Argyria & Silver Poisoning Cases Caused by the Environmental Contamination: 4

In the last four years, we have communicated with four individuals who have contracted silver poisoning from environmental exposure. Two cases were from long term exposure to silver in industrial metal fabrication environments. In two cases, the exposure was unknown. None of the four diagnosed with environmental toxicity were colloidal silver users.

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of Improperly made Isolated Silver: 3

An individual, after using his home-brew CS for four years, developed argyria of the face. The product was compromised due to a long brew time ( a few weeks for each batch ), which likely deposited copious amounts of silver into the distilled water.

Argyria Cases Caused by the Use of Properly made Isolated Silver: 3

1. EIS, made with steam distilled water by correctly using a Colloid Master AC generator, caused a pronounced case of argyria after three years of ingesting 6 ounces daily. The argyria is most visible on the throat area.

2. An individual reported acquiring argyria after several years of daily ingestion of a product claiming to be @45 PPM.

3. An individual battling Lyme disease consumed one quart of "electro" colloidal silver daily (reported 20 PPM) started to notice skin discoloration after ten years of use.




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